Unique handcrafted items

"What’s the day today? And what’s the price today?"

The price of a fine piece of art is often arbitrary. Anyone can have his own idea of beauty, can’t they?
In order to add some uniqueness to his art, Gibus worked out a unique way of setting his prices: NOT setting them!
Not permanently, to be precise.

Each article will have a minimum price (so that rentability is preserved), and a maximum one.
Between those two, an algorithm will randomly determine a sale price that can vary day after day.
Lower today, higher tomorrow, or the other way round!
This price of the day can help you decide: continue your purchase, or wait for a different price? It’s up to you!
For each product, an arrow indicates the evolution of the price since the previous day, and nobody knows what will be the price of the next day, not even Gibus himself!

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