Unique works on a theme

Ordering a unique work is a risk, because the creation itself is a risk.
You have the possibility here of ordering a piece from me on a theme that is dear to you.

For this to work I have to put some conditions there:
  • The price is set at 2000 € all inclusive.
  • Your work will be either a free standing sculpture of at least 30 cm in height, or a wall piece of 60 cm in diameter.
  • You give me carte blanche on a theme: a memory, a quote, a word, a sentence...)
  • I will complete the work within two months of the date of payment.
  • You will discover your piece when receiving the parcel.
  • Returns are not accepted.


Unique works on a theme

« Je souhaite commander une œuvre qui me rappelle que ce qui pèse n'est pas forcément important »

« Je souhaite commander une œuvre pour la naissance de notre fils, nous aimons la mer, les baleines »

« Je souhaite offrir une œuvre à ma future épouse pour notre mariage, notre couple c'est : s'appartenir sans se retenir »


To order your artwork

You can send me by email me on gibus@gibus.shop with:
  • Informations about what you have in mind
  • Your address for receiving the piece
  • Your phone number for parcel shipment forms
I will email you back my bank details and your invoice.

I will start working upon reception of your payment
and will inform you when your order has been sent.
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