« Follow me because I don't know where I'm going. »
The years could have given me a precise direction, which I would have taken pleasure in explaining here, but I have to admit that I let my work float according to what my capricious brain dictates to me.
My idea is that being an artist is accepting the responsibility of showing a new point of view on any subject. Point of view that can be cutesy, poetic, funny, uncomfortable, harsh or revolting.
The artist is responsible for what he creates, not for what he makes one feel or think, this is his freedomand it is thanks to it that he can continue.
This work can only be done by drawing inspiration from life in all indocility and in a constant effort of lucidity. Complacency is the enemy.

« Je marche sans rien sur moi qui ne reluise,
empanaché d’indépendance et de franchise. »
E.Rostand - Cyrano de Bergerac

Jean-Baptise Boutin alias
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