Gibus’s fiber

"To be or not to be ? Beech !"

Gibus looked into wood species and found a meaning that he wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Since then, he and his shavings-spotted beard passionately make useful and beautiful articles, along with beautiful and useful ones.

From crude, sometimes unmanageable material, he extracts genuine pieces of art.

Pleasing to the eye as much as to the hand, and even to the sense of smell, Gibus’s articles stimulate every human sense.



Birch, lime-tree, cedar, oak, ash, cherry-tree, pine-tree, hackberry, as many identities and textures, various shades and shapes, the wood reveals the tree it grew in.

In Gibus’s hands, prisoner of the lathe, the original block is carefully crafted and given a form.

It is curved, smoothed and scraped. It displays its harmonious curves.

The craftsman shapes it as he follows a range of ribs in the wood, the naturally drawn fiber he must preserve and never hamper.


These are the delicate moves to guarantee a fine gestation to rare and unique articles.

Humility and respect to an honest idea of aesthetics give them a simple grandeur in which rustic and authentic go together well.

“Look at Gibus’s articles, touch and hold them, even feel them !”

They are more than simply pots, vases, lamps or bowls, for
the soul of the wood is in them.
© 2017 GIBUS